Monday, September 20, 2010

North Coast Sunday

Many people take a full week (or two) vacation once per year. We schedule our time off so we can have multiple 3-day weekends, and frequent day trips.

Escaping the city for an afternoon at the Oregon Coast is always a good choice.

There's a fantastic fresh, local, organic cafe in Canon Beach that serves up comfort food done right. We adore their pulled pork po'boy and homemade slaw. Cozy booths fashioned from upcycled shabby chic 1930s bed frames, and a playlist of Motown and classic Jazz standards doesn't hurt either.

Canon Beach is truly a town for tourists. Plenty of boutiques, galleries and cafes. Two old-time candy/ice cream parlors and a packed-out family-run grocery store (read: not a chain) are also good features.

We often drive a bit south and end up on the beaches of Arcadia and Hug Point. Less people, more intriguing rocks and tide pools full of sea critters.

There's a few neat inlets and sea caves to explore; carved by the ocean over thousands of years.

One day we won't return to the city. "Going home" will mean to our beach home, and we look forward and build our plans for that goal with every visit to the place that rests our souls.


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