Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Any runners out there reading this blog? Are you the committed type who really enjoys it or the "I-do-it-because-I-know-I-should" type? You don't have to share with me here, of course, that's just me musing about my own running.

I've been doing a lot of running...but not the healthy kind. I've been running in my mind. Sound a little deep? Not really, just truthful. I've said it before, I'm keeping this blog real, folks.

So, yeah, I've been running. Ironic considering I'm such a non-physically-inclined person. If I'm going to run at least I should get on track, and get going in the right direction.

Tonight Chris and I are resuming a journey. We'd been walking hard for two years, then just when we got some strong traction, we took a seat on the sidelines. And, just like with a lack of physical exercise, our muscles got a bit weak, and the longer we sat there the easier it was to ignore the pain...and The Plan. But, not really. And, not anymore.

Fresh Start. Teamwork. Accountability. It's the order of our Wednesday evenings for the next 13 weeks. Time to stretch the muscles again, put that spandex back on, and hit the track.

Image credit: Perfect Imperfection by Silver Light Photography by Wonder V on Etsy.


Leah said...

good for you. way to put your toe back in the water...ready to dive in.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Thanks, Leah! :)

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