Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY: Photo Headboard

Photo Finish
To add color and personal style to your room, create a photo headboard. It's an unexpected way to display your favorite pictures or art prints, and frees your bedside table from space-hogging picture frames.


1. Sand a hollow core door (available at HomeDepot.com); remove dust with tack cloth. Apply a coat of primer to all surfaces; let dry.

2. Apply two or three coats of paint to all surfaces, letting dry after each coat.

3. Measure and mark desired placement of photos. Using tape on the backs of photos, attach them to door where marked.

4. Center a clear acrylic sheet (available at HomeDepot.com) over each photo; screw into place at each corner.

5. Screw large picture hangers to back of headboard, several inches from upper edge near each side. Slip wire through loops, pulling taut. Wrap wire ends around center wire. Trim excess.

6. Attach nail to wall above center of bed; hang headboard on nail. (Be sure the picture hangers, wire and nail are heavy enough to carry the weight of your headboard.)

Project idea and image shared from Woman's Day - Photo credit: Keith Scott Morton


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