Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding + Waterfall = Weekend

Our weekend was a wedding in North Bend, WA {CONGRATS, Tim and Bree--we love you!}. Enjoying comfort food in a country pub {Beef. Stroganoff. Oh, yeah.} Driving many miles on highways and byways.

Standing in the mist curtain of a monster waterfall in a land of ultimate GREEN. Spying on wild peregrine falcons in a nest.

Exploring a railroad museum {photos coming soon}.

Discovering a new trove of antique malls {Kalama, WA--who knew?}. Moving into our space at the Antique Alley here in PDX. Whew! It's been full and wonderful.


Amanda said...

That wedding looks like it was beautiful. I love the arrangement behind the officiant. Congratulations to the happy couple! Was the waterfall in North Bend, too?

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Hi Amanda...it was a beautiful wedding; in decor and especially in content. They created all the decor, there were small versions of the "tree" along the main aisle where she walked up to meet him. The big "tree" held candles and photos of special relatives that have passed and couldn't be with us. Lots of happy tears all around--especially from the bride. :) Snoqualmie Falls is outside Snoqualmie (click the link in the post to visit their website). It's an amazing spot no doubt!

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