Friday, August 28, 2009


In June of 2007, we went on a road trip to Wallowa County. This lovely place is located on the far east side of our wonderous state of Oregon. We spent our time in a number of small towns, including three nights in a cozy bed-and-breakfast in the tiny town of Joseph.

The entire county of Wallowa has only 7,000 residents, and not one stop light. Most folks are self-employed, many are ranchers, foresters or work in the lumber industry. Everyone we met was laid back and friendly. Overlooking the town are the magnificent Wallowa Mountains. Joseph is the kind of place that only has two “dining” establishments that stay open past eight o’clock in the evening–our favorite by far was Calderas Gallery & Grill.

The thing that impressed us first and throughout our visit was the quiet. It’s a kind of quiet that we cannot experience in the city. So quiet in places that you can hear the quiet. The skies are open and blue during the days and endless and chock full of stars in the nights.

Back in the city, back in our apartment, back in school, back to work, and back to our ‘real’ life we often find ourselves musing about returning to the quiet. A place without traffic reports, crime statistics, hectic schedules, deadlines and due dates, dozens of criss-crossing power lines over our heads and acres of concrete and buildings and…

We do miss the quiet.

Images via Pfeiffer Photos, copyright 2009.


Michael Lockridge said...

I love the Wallowa area. I was a teen when we visited, but it was great even then. I would love to go back, and one day hope to. Until then, thanks for sharing!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

What a lovely visit! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

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