Friday, December 12, 2008

Series: Blogging - The Low Cost, High Return Business Marketing Tool: Part 7: Trackbacks and why they are important

In October 2008, Part Six of this marketing series covered the cons for businesses without a blog--a list of reasons why not blogging could affect your bottom line. This addition to the series will cover the importance of using Trackbacks.

l 2 r: Away fine art photo - aral33 photography, Doc Holiday hat - Moe Sew Co., Delicate Furry Necklace - Sara Lagace Original Designs, Gold Spalding dress - Makool Loves You.

Trackbacks are a tool used by bloggers for linking to other blogs. For example, if the author of a blog finds a great blog post on another person or company’s blog they might want to link it back to their company blog. The old-fashioned way to link would be to manually insert a link on the authors’ site to the discovered blog of interest, but the person whose blog is being linked to would not know you had linked to them unless they were informed. “A trackback program will notify the original blogger when one of their posts is linked to another blog by setting up a link at the bottom of every blog post.”[1]

t 2 b: Large Green Bowl - sirius.fnord, Montana fine art photo - Kerri Bastin, Origami Ornaments - Paper Red Shoes, Slate Bottle Trio - Sara Paloma Pottery.

Trackbacks are important to bloggers because they increase awareness of blogs and improve the credibility of a blog. A post about the referenced blog accompanies a trackback on one blog, which is the equivalent of receiving free advertising for the referenced blog. Readers will follow the links, learn of the referenced company, and possibly visit that blog again if they enjoy the content presented. The result of a trackback equals more traffic for the blog and more opportunities for making new connections.

“A growing number of American CEOs rate blogs
effective as employee communication tools.

59% of CEOs polled said they find blogs useful for internal
47% of CEOs stated they see blogs as a tool for external
18% of CEOs say they plan to host a company blog over the
next two years.”[2]

l 2 r: Sample Soaps - Kelle's Kitchen, O, Christmas Tree holiday cards - Jumping Jack Designs, 6-bottle Wool Wine Holder - Etcetera Media.

This post is part SEVEN of a marketing series. Please visit my archives to read parts 1-8.

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[1] Detty, Terry. "Why Trackbacks are Useful For Blogs." [Weblog] 2008. 25 May 2008
[2] Sharma, Dinesh C.. "Study: CEOs find blogs useful." 7, November 2005 25 May 2008
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