Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Autumn is almost upon us...and this season brings change. Today's the day, folks, it's official, the name of my blog has also changed. See that back-to-school inspired banner up there? Yes, that's the new name: Learning Spanish at 41.

The Pfeiffer Photos name was associated with my {now defunct} photography shop on Etsy. This blog was originally about marketing that shop, my photo work, and other folks on Etsy. I'm still on Etsy (now selling vintage), still feature items from Etsy regularly (love that community), and just opened a *new shop* to offer up my original art but with a different look and vibe.

This blog has evolved and expanded far from what it once was. As my tag line says: photos, design, travel, food and life. My journey of learning, evolving and expanding should match what I offer here for you to enjoy. And, yes, I am learning Spanish at 41...and plenty of other things on a daily basis...aren't we all?

I hope you like the new name and continue to read and enjoy!

Image: Don't look back - fine art photo by Inspire Somebody LLC on Etsy.


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