Monday, May 10, 2010

For the most part.

My blog plan has always been to stay as positive as possible. I share positive things I find, products I enjoy, inspirations I think you would like. When and if I talk about myself I like to keep it upbeat...for the most part.

I have to tell you, readers, I've been in a spell of blog-post-dry-out. Makes me feel a bit disappointed when I don't have the head of steam I used to. A bunch of the features I used to share have gone the way of the Dodo--Art History, artist interviews, "and I quote", Flickr Faves, small business topics--to name a few.

Yeah, I get it, things evolve and people change. I know this happens to others as I was just reading a post about the same thing over on Leah's blog, moxie photo design (haven't visited...please, do, you'd enjoy her musings).

So, here's the thing. Instead of adding up the times I haven't posted, I'm just posting when I really have something to share or to say. Keeping it real. I always respect the bloggers that are honest and sincere more so than fancy and frequent. Not that it's ever been unreal on this blog--and it never will be, I promise--but in blogging, as in 'real life', honesty really is the best policy, don't you agree?

Being honest, I've been struggling with this spring term at University. Not the work or the schedule but my health has been bringing me down a bit too often. Nothing graphic to share, just that I have back issues that have caused me sciatica distress for about 18 months, and symptoms of hypo-thryroid that wreak havoc with my hormones and cause major fatigue. I've structured myself on a one-day-at-a-time lifestyle, and, at times, even that can be more than enough.

But I'm still pluggin' along, still working at what I need to do, and always find something to be hopeful for and inspired by--even if I'm neglectful to share it with those around me. So that's my personal sharing for today, folks.

Thanks for hanging around here even when it's a bit slow, and thanks to those that take time to leave me comments and feedback; I appreciate it very, very much!

Images in this post are courtesy of Julie, Leah and Beki--three bloggers whose work I truly admire. :)


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Whenever inspiration fails is the perfect time to pause and give yourself respite. We all need that from time to time. Thanks so much for featuring my work on your blog. I really appreciate it!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

leah said...

tina dear, one day at a time is all anyone is expected of. anything else is really just wishful planning. it's not about our plan anyway, right? my mother suffers with bouts with sciatica. slow and steady is the pace. and my health concerns have a way of making me remember if i don't remember. keep on, keepin on, tina.

elsiee said...

sharing IS good! beautiful post!

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