Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apt 3 Photography

When gas was cheap - Central Oregon, 2009

Backlot Tour - Universal Studios, 2008

Vista Ridge Tunnel - Portland, Oregon, 2008

Boiler Bay - Central Oregon Coast, 2008

Sleepy - Oregon Zoo, 2008

If you've been reading awhile, you may remember this post about my husband, Chris, and his interest in photography. He has just began a correspondence course through the New York Institute of Photography with the end goal of changing his career path.
In that past post I promised to showcase more of his work on occasion. The bad news is that I've been rather lax in making that a reality. The good news is that he recently jumped in the cyber waters and has created his own blog to share his photography!
As any wife would, I'm putting in a shameless plug to all of you to follow his new adventure. His style is more photos, less text so you're sure to enjoy a regular visit to Apt 3 Photography.

Please consider subscribing and sharing comments--encouragement and constructive criticism are both very much appreciated.

All images in this post by Chris Pfeiffer aka Apt 3 Photography, copyright 2006-2010 ~ all rights reserved.


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