Friday, March 6, 2009

Photos by Chris: Vintage Signs

Pfeiffer Photos is a team effort.  I manage the daily ins-and-outs of our little photo biz, write the blog, all that good stuff, but without the images we wouldn't be Pfeiffer Photos.

Mar-Don Motel 

I often think of Chris as my semi-silent business partner.  I admit it, I have a tendency to highlight much of my own work from the cameras (we have four now!), but some of our best-sellers in the shop have come from the viewfinder of my husband.  We have very different techniques and shoot in different styles, and I have to say, I am often surprised and really admire his unique point-of-view.

Capital Hill Motel

This post is my first, but not my last, dedicated 100% to his art.  These photos are fresh from his memory chip--captured this week.  Feel free to leave comments because he does follow my blog and he will read them all! :-)

TV and Electric Heat

Happy Weekend, All!

Photos displayed in this post by Chris Pfeiffer, copyright Pfeiffer Photos 2009 - all rights reserved.  


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! Terrific to see these old signs. They have such a great style and initiate so many road trip memories. Chris, thank you for some nostalgia ... great works.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Chris..went to rate as five star..just thought I clicked each star until I got to five...oops! won't let me click anymore......

Michael Lockridge said...

Cool vintage signs! I rather like signs. I collect photos of interesting signs I have seen. Thanks for sharing these!

I made a little YouTube slide show video of some signs I collected.

Thanks again for the fun blog. I love the images and comments.


Vanessa said...

Oooh I love motel signs! You have some great photography here!

Char said...

I love old signs too - another friend shoots them almost exclusively and I feel transported back in time. excellent shots.

Winklepots said...

Those are great! I especially love the red sign against the dark blue sky. Great contrast!
And hey, a fellow Oregonian. :o)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone--Chris and I are enjoying your kindness!!

Doug Alder said...

Nice work - I like commercial/institutional photography

Anonymous said...

nice post!

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