Friday, September 4, 2009

Interiors: Bedroom Project

What? Bedroom designs, again? Yes, it's true, we're back in our "finish-the-bedroom" mode, folks. I know, I know, what room in this apartment are we not in the process of designing, fixing or finishing? And, really, who am I kidding? Our humble bedroom has never even had a style. The true bane of this place since we moved in. We've made several false starts and changed direction too many times. I'm pretty sure we've got it decided now. (Er, I mean, I'm pretty sure I've got it decided now).

Our start: FINCH bedding set ~ Ty Pennington for Sears
DIY dresser: HEMNES 8-drawer, black-brown ~ Ikea

Chris isn't all that fussy but I know he wouldn't go for those rich brown walls in the top photo. The brocade wallpaper in the last photo wouldn't cut his mustard either. He leans more toward the beach-cottage look of photos 2 and 3 but the rest of the house is going Ikea so as goes the house so goes the bedroom.

The plan is clean lines plus warm, slightly masculine colors: sand, white, black and espresso brown. I will post photos for you as we make our progress. No promises that will be soon but we're working on it. Really.

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