Sunday, September 6, 2009

Design Inspiration: Yellow

Yellow is a very cheerful color. I like the feeling of these rooms but personally couldn't live with that much brightness in my entire space. Guess I shouldn't talk, what with my fedish for red, ha! However, I AM loving the white and black along with the yellow and the comfy, eclectic styling in the last four photos!

How about you guys--are you brave enough for yellow walls? Or any one color throughout your home?


Melinda said...

Yes! My dining room is "Hubbard Squash" an autumn orange and I love it, and my studio is yellow like above. They are my favorite rooms to be in. The rest are neutral or pastel. As I repaint or strip paper and paint, I think I'll stick with richer colors as they are just more pleasing to me. I just painted one room a pastel green and I don't really like it. For now, it'll do though.

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