Friday, August 21, 2009

Modern woman (not)

I've been a little sketchy on my blog posting lately-–oh, no. Yes, the world’s still revolving.

Things have been busy in that way that life gets sometimes. I try hard to NOT live the life of the 'modern woman'. I am not one of those that feels compelled to “do it all” and be “the best” at everything in life. I am aware of my weaknesses and I don’t consider it a shortcoming to admit I have them or work within the perimeters I am comfortable with. That does not mean that I don’t take on challenges or that I don’t do my best at what I do undertake. I don’t need a life of being busy just for the sake of busy-ness. I choose to do for others when I can; not just out of obligation or expectation. I have come to realize it is more than okay to say “NO” sometimes. It doesn’t have to be equated with disrespect or selfishness. Sometimes, no just means, no thanks.

So my goal was to write a post to the blog at least once per day. Then three per week. Now it's when I can, which has been turning out 1-2 per week at best. I've missed that goal a few times. I’m back this week with something to share, and hopefully inspire, and that’s more important than being right on time, every time, anyways.

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