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Series: Displaying Art and Photography - Canvas Wall Art

Artwork is an important part of decorating your home. Art sets the mood, adds an accent or functions well just because we like it. Art adds a finishing touch, and it can be the inspiration for a room design but how do you find the right piece of art for your room? Canvas wall art has become popular over the last few years and more people are purchasing or creating superb pieces for their homes.

What makes canvas wall art great is that it can be inexpensive to buy or make yourself but it still gives the appearance of an authentic piece. Choosing the right canvas wall art can be challenging but in a few easy steps you can find the perfect piece for your room.

Audrey - Ikea 20 x 20 canvas $70

Match your color scheme
The first step in choosing your canvas wall art is to look at your color scheme. The basic rule of thumb is to choose an art piece that will match your room without detracting from any design elements that are already in it. If you find that your design style is filled with cool sleek lines and neutral colors, then a canvas wall art that adds a touch of color to a room is a good choice. If your room is filled with color, then simple wall art with minimal color will provide a nice break in the room. When you go to purchase your canvas art, bring swatches of your room colors to help you find the right colors and to be sure that the colors of the room and art do not clash.

Match your artwork
As with all other pieces of art and photography, there is a wide range of styles. Landscapes, flowers, abstract and other designs can be found in canvas art so make sure that the theme in the picture does not clash with the theme in your room. A lighthouse landscape doesn't fit in a room with Asian decor and an oriental floral piece won't look right in a room with a nautical theme. Just because you like it doesn’t mean it will match your decor so save your money for the right one.

UP - Pfeiffer Photos 20 x 24 canvas $150*

Match your wall
The area where you will be hanging the artwork is an important part to choosing your canvas . First, take a tape measure and get the dimension of the space that needs art. With those dimensions, you will get a better idea of what you would like in a piece. Make sure that the canvas matches the size of the wall. A big mistake is to go off to the store and buy a piece that is too big or too small. Too big, it may not fit, too small, it may appear out of place in the room. You don't want your art just floating there in the middle of empty wall space. When you purchase a canvas--ready made or for a DIY project--bring your tape measure and wall measurements to get the best match.

Nothing Beats Homegrown - scent of rain designs

Choose your style
Styles differ depending on your room, your design, your budget and your taste. Before you purchase or create a canvas, you should know the style that you want. A large canvas can really be a statement piece in an area with a large open wall but it's not the only way to go. Panels are a can fill a room and break up a pattern just enough to bring the eye to the artwork. If you produce a piece of art in panels, it is important to use the right subject. Most landscapes don’t work well in panels but if you choose a landscaped piece, make sure that you use canvases side to side and not top to bottom. For larger canvas panels use the rule of three, especially if you are decorating a large wall space but it's okay to use more than three. Look at the art and decide the best way to showcase it.

Winter Forest Diptych - JK Photography

Make your own
The last thing to mention about choosing the right canvas wall art for your room is to make your own if you can’t find something you love. It's easy to make canvas wall art and if you like abstract art, anyone can create interesting and unique work with little effort. Photography can be made into canvas wall art and you can use your own images or work with a photographer to produce a canvas of their work to display in your space.

Creative canvas arrangement - grid on one wall, large solo opposite

Canvas wall art should reflect your design and character so you don't need to stay within the norm. Branch out, explore and don’t hesitate when you find a perfect piece of canvas art for your wall just use it!

This series shares fresh ways to look at your fine art and photography pieces and to inspire you to seek out more. Future posts will feature with ideas, how-tos and photos to push the traditional "frame-it-hang-it" aside and have more FUN in your space!

*Most images in our shop are available as canvas prints--upon request and as a special order. Visit the shop or contact me for more information.


Char said...

great thoughts. I have been nervous about making the commitment to canvas for my photography.

Tnomeralc Toy Designs said...

Expert advice by a truly remarkable artist. Thanks for the informative post. I am really loving your arts.

CAPow said...

do you have any recommendations for good sites one can have their own canvas art printed?

Pfeiffer Photos said...

CAPow: I haven't used any of them yet but I know online photo processing companies (ex: Snapfish, etc) often offer the canvas art using your own images. A Google search would help you find more!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Char: I haven't tried it with any of our images yet, either, but the cost of our printer is reasonable enough that when I decide which image to enlarge I will! :)

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