Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good People: Give and receive

We're done with our Christmas shopping for this year. Just finished it up last weekend and received a few items this week that we had ordered from online vendors--including fellow Etsy sellers.

I am the official present wrapper in our house. I also held this role for a handful of years when I was younger and still lived with my folks. That's what happens when you have a past job of "professional gift wrapper" on your resume!

Chris' Grandmother is my favorite person to shop for in our family because she insists that we shouldn't buy her a thing. That just makes it a challenge for our creativity each year and usually we look for something handmade or we make it ourselves. I don't know if any of the family are reading the blog lately so I can't give anything away here except some photos of my completed wrapping endeavors.

A happy surprise...Chris' cousin was married last summer and became a daddy and now they will welcome another son in April. We keep in touch with Ben, Lauren and Asher through Facebook, and received a festive package from them this week via UPS!

In the spirit of handmade Christmas goodness, they sent us a tasty trio of Ball jars filled with ingredients to make a hearty lentil and bean soup and Texas cornbread to go with...YUM. Edible gifts are super creative...and very much appreciated so thanks, Pickthorn family--we love you!

t 2 b: Pickthorn Family in Birmingham, AL, handmade gifty goodness from same

It's fun to give and to receive--hope you're enjoying both this season!


vsmphotography said...

I came across your blog via another photogs... and I just love your posts! Your blog always seems to put me in a good mood... maybe it's the music!! Will follow!

Char said...

I love homemade goodies! looks you have some great wrapping skills

StunningAnnaK said...

Hello from Etsy! What great photos!

I love those people who are hard but fun to shop for too!

Check out the interview I just did on my blog... convo me if you are interested in being featured!

leah said...

love your photos. have yet to start wrapping gifts. well, actually have yet to finish up buying said gifts.

i love homemade gifts. with each year that passes, more homemade goes out as gifts and lucky for me, more come in that way too.

valerie said...

lol! i end up being the official gift wrapper as well.
my husband is horrible at wrapping!

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