Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged by moxie

While reading through blog comments today I found that I'd been tagged by Leah of moxie photo and design! As such, here is my list of six quirky things about me that might not be well known...until now.

--> I have always enjoyed brussel sprouts; even as a kid. Heat 'em up, put a little melted butter on those cabbage embryos and I'm eatin' happy!

t 2 b: Brussel Sprouts Block Print by Rigel Stuhmiller,Broiled Sprouts by Ben People's Photography

--> I like to organize, to create and implement systems. I have a system for doing housework (and sub-sytems within that system), for writing a research paper, posting to the blog, editing photos, processing orders for our Etsy shop, doing laundry, grocery shopping, taking a get the idea.

t 2 b: Organizer-Holder by Organize More, Recycled Paper Planner-Organizer by Sally Bean of Little Sprinkles

--> I get a lump in my throat and tear up when I watch the Travel Channel. There are so many places in our world that are so breathtaking it makes my heart ache from the sheer awe and beauty of creation. So many places I'd love to visit, explore, experience and enjoy.

t 2 b: From the lookout tower, Venice Beauty and Overlooking Paris fine art prints by Little Petals Photography

--> I like going to the dentist. I haven't had many issues with my teeth in the 39 years I've been alive and kicking so I suspect I would feel different about it if I had.

t 2 b: Tooth Buddy Pillow by Bell Flower Textiles, Teeth Cards by Two Sarahs

--> I enjoy Opera--my favorite composer is Puccini, my favorite show is Turandot. I worked in the box office at our local opera company for a few years when I was younger, and enjoyed all the "behind-the-scenes" elements. I admire the energy and talent that goes into the performance of an opera. My job at the opera gave me a deep appreciation for the performing arts in general.

t 2 b: The Aria in Love Necklace by The Garbage Goose, Sprout Open Bangles by Brooke Medlin

--> My favorite color (currently) is BROWN. I love how brown is neutral, has so many shades and tones and that it goes well with so many other colors.

t 2 b: Beer 8x8 photo print by f2 images, Pumpkin & Aubergine Notebook by Dancing-Girl Art, The Margot Wrap Wool Scarf by Tickled Pink Knits

So there you have it. Six quirky things about me. Now I will choose five other bloggers to tag and hopefully, we'll find out six quirky things about them.

So...if you're reading this--"TAG, you're it":

Grace Ann, author of Ooh, Vintage!
Pamela aka Pamela Angus
Caroline of Pink Parakeet
Merrie and her Sleepless Mornings
Liz at Mabel's House and
Samantha of Matou en Peluche
Here are the rules:

* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six others
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they are tagged.
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Michelle said...

really neat things and I feel the same way about the Travel Channel! haha!

f2images said...

That notebook is exquisite!!

Leah said...

love your quirky bits! i love that you have systems for everything! i also love this song playing....slip slidin away.

Kelly Cormack said...

I like going to the dentist too! :)

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Rachel said...

Great post!

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