Friday, October 10, 2008

Make it count

One of my favorite blogs to follow is written by Leah of moxie photo & design. In the post I read today she wrote about examining oneself. I understand completely about wondering what it is that I am actually it making a difference? Is it just motions that go by and are forgotten? To learn, to share. Create things, see beauty, find wonder, show appreciation, expression, joy. Wasting minutes in any day is always a concern for me. Can't get those minutes back. Better make 'em count and rack up the memory points to the max!

Thistle by Tina - Pfeiffer Photos 2008

Sometimes I honestly have to tell myself (yes, out loud) to STOP and to BREATHE. No wonder I love to sleep so much...

Mid October by Tina - Pfeiffer Photos 2008.

Last weekend Chris and I took a drive out to Oregon City, the oldest incorporated city west of the Rockies (1829), and walked along the overlook above the Willamette River. The photos displayed in this post are part of a series I captured along the way...if you're interested in owning one for your wall or on a notecard, please contact me, and I'd be happy to make you a print.

Happy weekend to Leah, and to all of you that read along...get out there and enjoy it!

VFW Post, Oregon City by Tina - Pfeiffer Photos 2008.

Visit Leah's Etsy shops, moxie thrift and moxiephotodesign, to view more of her handmade art, fine art photography and unique vintage finds!

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Leah said...

what a treat! wow. i am, uh, er, speechless. thank you ms. tina.

your photographs are amazing. simply, i love them all. the colors are so rich. the composition is impeccable. and to know that you {out loud} tell yourself to stop and breathe. well, kindred soul, you are wonderful.

kim* said...

im inspired by your thistles :)

Bagladee said...

great blog, thanks ever so much for leaving me a comment. The photo of the leaves made me feel very autumnal :) xx

Pfeiffer Photos said...

leah: You're so welcome; it's well deserved. So glad we've made each other's acquaintance, you are wonderful, too! xo

Pfeiffer Photos said...

kim*: thanks, I took so many photos of these that day, lol!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

bagladee: Thank you in return and you're welcome!

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