Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogging: The Low Cost, High Return Business Marketing Tool - Part 2: What is a Blog?

The term “blog” is short for “weblog”. A weblog is a website that uses a dated log format and links to other web sites along with commentary about those sites. Blogs are updated frequently and can be grouped by subjects, such as politics, news, personal (think: public online journal), or types of businesses and issues related to them.[1]

In 1998, blogs were a very new concept and most bloggers were familiar with one another and could link their websites together with code built into their pages. Web developers who hand-coded their websites both designed and wrote the content of most blogs. In 1999, free weblog-creation software programs, which were easier to use and did not require users to write HTML code, became available to the public online and blogging grew in popularity. In August 1999, the invention of Blogger was introduced online and was quickly embraced. The Blogger program provides templates and designs for any user to create a unique look just for their blog. By October 2000, 300 new blogs were created each day on Blogger, and 5,500 blog owners were registered. In November 2000, 10,000 blogs were reported active on Blogger, and by 2002; over 750,000 users were listed with Blogger.[2]

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l 2 r: Individuality 1 by Rosemary Pierce-Lackey, Organic Double-Chocolate Pecan Brownies by Vanilla Bean Organic Bake Shop, 2 Plus 1 Woods necklace by i.heart.mies, Gone Fishing cotton tote by Yunny)

How can blogging benefit a business?

In addition to decent ideas, great product, visibility and a well-trained people you need good marketing, great customer relations, support, and other factors to succeed. Until blogging, the most common wisdom was that press coverage was the most credible way to reinforce the company image, product and reputation. Press coverage can be expensive and often receives negative or inaccurate feedback.

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l 2 r: Gold Bangle Bracelet by Metals Girl, Mid Century Slipper Chair from Lunar Lounge Design, Gray & Ochre screen print notes by Michelle Brusegaard, 50's Glam Flapper Dress from Cherry Pick Vintage

Any company that has something to say that will add value to what their core product is should look at blogging as a new marketing tool. Blogging provides direct access for businesspeople to get their message directly to their target audience and to receive their feedback.

This post is part two of a series. Please continue the journey with us in the next installment!

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Annabelle said...

You have a great little blog here. Lots of neat tools on the side and great widgets.

Cool, thanks for posting the link on ETSY.

kim* said...

the cards are beautiful

TheresaJ said...

Great info. I like the music on your blog -- I may swipe a couple of tunes for my music player. :)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

annabelle: thanks so much for the compliments. I give my best effort to make it interesting and enjoy creating it. The widgets are pretty neat--I garner them from other bloggers, of course! :)

kim: aren't they? Michelle's got lots of fun cards and stuff in her shop!

theresaj: thanks...the current playlist is Music from the OC (tv show). You can find more at Yay for indie rock!


Ann Wilkinson said...

hello, fellow POE's! nice blog you've got here; i just added it to my watch list. i'm about to start my own blog, and i'm doing my research to get started. thanks for the great facts about blogging and i look forward to your next segment.

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