Monday, June 21, 2010

Good things will soon happen

I'm preparing this post on Sunday. It's quiet here, raining lightly outside my open window but a few birds are starting to talk to each other. I woke up craving Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. Must be nerves again. Listening to Patty Griffith sing Moon River...mellow, just the way I like my music.

About those nerves. Summer term at PSU starts in the morning (by the time you read this, that's today) so I'm in for the next ten weeks. I'm a very outgoing person in my online persona, folks, but in real life there's this thing called social anxiety. Shyness, timidity and self-esteem are often contributing factors but I am truly none of these. Inside I am exploding--and I am not afraid to let it out, but I think the situation has to be somewhat in my control or the nervousness starts acting up.

I'm a jump-in-with-both-feet kinda person, sometimes to my own detriment, but it's how I'm hardwired so I don't fight it too hard most of the time. So, as you read this, I'll be sitting in psychology class meeting new people, gaining new ideas and expanding myself once again.

I found that image this morning and it encouraged me.

Hope your week is full of opportunities, readers--take it on, enjoy it, and always keep your goal in mind.

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Nice find!

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What an inspirational post. Thanks.

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