Monday, June 28, 2010

8 Other Things

Did you know...
you can clean more than just dishes in your dishwasher.

Rain boots should have the liners removed and lie horizontally. Hook flip-flops on tines in the top rack. (FYI, Crocs are not dishwasher-safe.)

Tools with metal or plastic handles will be fine. Towel-dry afterward to prevent rusting.

Ceramic cabinet knobs do well in the silverware basket, so if you feel like embarking on the process (remove, wash, replace), go for it.

and combs made of plastic can take a spin, but not wood or natural boar-bristle brushes. Be sure to remove all the hair first to protect the drain.

Fan grilles, switch plates, and vent covers are in if they’re plastic, aluminum, or steel. Enameled, painted, or plated should stay out.

Garden tools
may have come in contact with pesticides or animals, so don’t mix them with a load of dishes. (And don’t wash those with wood handles.)

Light-fixture covers are fine in the top rack, as long as they’re not antique, enameled, or painted.

Potatoes can get nice and clean in the top rack with a rinse-only cycle (no detergent). Sound crazy? It makes mashed potatoes for 20 a lot quicker.

Retro-style dishwasher by SMEG (I know, cute, huh?).

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

Great tips! I've washed combs before that way but never thought of vents and grills. They are so hard to clean! Thanks!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

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