Sunday, January 17, 2010

Travel: Teardrop Trailers

A Teardrop is a compact travel trailer consisting of a sleeping cabin and a kitchen compartment. The Camp-Inn is styled after teardrop travel trailers from the 1930's and 1940's. A Teardrop gets its name from its unique streamlined shape. Teardrops were popular in the 1930-40’s and have recently been regaining popularity.

Their streamlined shape, small size and low weight allowed for easy pulling by the, under100 horsepower, engines of the 1930-40's. Teardrop trailers reduce gas mileage and you don't need a truck or large SUV. Teardrops are pulled easily by a mid size family car or smaller SUV's. The Camp-Inn trailer weighs as little as 850 lb. and as little as 130 lb. tongue weight.

Although Teardrops are small, there's have more than enough room for 2-3 people. The Camp-Inn sleeping cabin holds a Queen size bed (on 500/550/560 models), and room for storing gear. The sleeping cabin is hard sided and topped without a need for set up or tear-down. The sleeping cabin can double as storage/cargo space during travel.

The kitchen area is accessible from the outside rear of the trailer. The kitchen compartment, has ample storage space for a cooler, dry-goods, portable stove, cooking and eating equipment and utensils. The Camp-Inn kitchen has 5 feet of counter top and lots of storage. The kitchen can be used with minimal setup. It even works well for a quick meal at a roadside rest area.

It comes fully loaded (mattress, linens, pots, utensils, and more), so you do a lot less packing. Rentals are just $175 for two nights―a fraction of an RV’s rental cost.

You can pick up or some companies will deliver to local parks.

Insider tip: Extras like espresso makers and solar shower fixtures are available for $5 to $10 each.
Can I tell you how much I am LOVING this idea? Makes me want to start planning road trips for summer and fall right here in the middle of winter!

Info via Tiny Camper, and Sunset, image #1 via Sunset {by Jack Journey}, additional images via Google.


Michael Lockridge said...

I love these things! Cool post!

Nina Diane said...

wow...those sure are cute!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I have always loved the teardrop trailers. I think they are just the cutest! Thanks for sharing.

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