Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back in action!

Hello, Readers--I'm finally back! Yes, the weather was great! Yes, Disneyland was fantastic! No, we did not want to come home yet! It was good to get away but actually it's nice to be home again, too.

What do you think of my new winter banner up there? Not a big project but I'm happy with it!

For anyone that hasn't visited yet...I updated my art blog, and it's no longer about my art class but just about art, photography, design (in the art sense not the interior/exterior kind often shared here), and all people, things and artiness that inspires me. Remember this project? I've posted the final pics today on apt 3 design--come by for a peek, read further, follow and enjoy!

I've also been really busy beefing up my Etsy vintage shop the last few weeks, and I have been rewarded. I came home from vacation with 12 new sales waiting for shipment--thank you to all my wonderful vintage customers! Due to recent challenging developments with Chris' career, now, more than ever, it is important to make this supplemental income a rousing success. Love vintage? Have friends or family that do as well? Please stop by my shop, browse awhile, mark it in your faves and do come back--all items being one-of-a-kind things sell and I update often.

Looking for those last minute gifts but still want something unique? Consider gift certificates from forrestina vintage! You choose the amount, I e-mail to you or your giftees--guaranteed in time for Christmas. Find details and listings in the holiday section of my shop.

Okay, that's the shameless plug for today, folks. Now returning you to your regular station.



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