Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Twilight: New Moon ~ 11.20.09

Lambast me if you must, I know it's a 'love story' but the grit in the book was sorely missing from the movie version of Twilight. Looks like it's back!

All the Twihards have already seen this, I am sure...but I just found it today. Okay, yes, I do believe the first film was rather crappy (hello, Bella is not a vegetarian...and that's just one flaw) but this. This. Looks. Amazing. So glad the franchise has changed forces and brought in 1) a male director and 2) much more focus on special effects and the supernatural storyline versus the angst and mush. Twilight, Reloaded!

Two more months to wait...

Yes, my margins have cropped the player a bit. To view this trailer in it's full size visit HERE.


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