Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beauty for your Tuesday ~ Mary's Magic

The Secret Garden is truly a beautiful film, and this remix and video clip just reminded me today. And, in case you've never heard it, the original soundtrack from this movie is also quite wonderful. Please pause my playlist in the right margin to enjoy this short clip.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Joanna's Foto Blog said...

It's one of my favorite movies! I have seen few movies by the director of "The Secret Garden" , Ms Holland and one of people involved in the soundrack- Mr Preisner- he has created some amazing pieces of music, not only for this movie.
Thank you for reminding me about it!

TMCPhoto said...

I was given a copy of The Secret garden to read when I was girl. As with most books I like I read and re-read it. It is a beautifully written book. I didn't see the movie until about a month or so ago when I caught it on TV one night and was enchanted.

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