Saturday, July 18, 2009

Organize: my fave ideas from Real Simple

Laundry Bag
Original purpose: Saving delicate unmentionables from getting stretched in the spin cycle.
Aha! use: Keeping mini Tupperware lids, baby-bottle caps, and other small items from falling through the dishwasher rack.

Rubber Bands as Strap Securers
Original purpose: Bundling mail in the postman's bag.
Aha! use: Keeping camisoles and sundresses from slipping off their hangers. For this stop-strap measure, wrap a band (or two if you use skinny ones) around each end of a hanger.

File Drawer for the Kitchen
“File” plastic containers and their tops in orderly zones within the same drawer to keep them easy to locate.

Desk Organizer as Cupboard Divider
Original purpose: Keeping files orderly.
Aha! use: Sorting cookie sheets, cutting boards, and jelly-roll pans in the kitchen.

Keep Papers Accessible With Memo Holder
Originally made for keeping track of food orders in restaurants, this sleek stainless-steel and chrome rack will ensure that mail, messages, and shopping lists are not misplaced.

To buy: Memo holder with spring clips, $48, the Museum of Useful Things.

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Great tips! I'm always looking for new ways to organize my life!

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