Monday, June 22, 2009

Artist Profile: Leah Daehling of Moxie Photo and Design

Tell us a bit about yourself; name, location, the personal stuff.
My name is Leah. I’m married to Brent. I’m the middle of 5 kids {that should
explain a lot} I am just now starting to understand {and appreciate} the
values my parents instilled in me. I’ve been to
Ireland, London, Paris and
Rome. And that’s in pecking order too. I can't wait to travel again. I used
to prefer working out to anything. But I am enthralled in Etsy, blogging,
photography, writing, networking, creating, and vintage hunting. I simply
love it. I am kinda shy about it all too. I am just now able to say "on my
blog." I want to paint our kitchen cupboards white. The relationships I make
through my blog and Etsy amaze me. I would probably never meet any of them,
yet I know about them, what they create, how they write, and actually have
met some of them. If you think about that, it's pretty amazing. I failed
miserably {3 times} at making banana bread. And I probably won't make it
again. I love drawstring pants. Oh...and I like to make things.

Apart from art what do you do?
I just don’t know if there is an official apart from art part of my day. my
full time gig: graphic designer for a marketing firm working with non
profits. I’m involved in our church. Any activity is usually more fun when
Brent is around. I’m one of the first to sign up for a family event. And
have been known to create a reason for us to get together. But day after
day, my brain works continuously. Thinking about a blog I will write. Taking
a photo for my blog. Deciding what to list next. Commenting on blogs. Making
things in my studio. Scratching out ideas in my idea book, going to garage
sales, auctions and matter what I am doing, I will somehow

connect it back to my art at some point.

What made you first want to be an artist?
I don’t think I have ever called myself an artist. It doesn’t occur to me
that that’s what this {opens arms towards all my art and supplies and
finished pieces) means. For arguments sake, we’ll say I am one. It just
happened, I suppose. My grandma painted, my mother is a photographer and
genius seamstress. My sister watercolors….but those are just things they did
among countless other things. I didn't sit down in a cafe somewhere and
contemplate my coming out as an artist over a soy latte. I just realized I
have a skill and have taking a liking to it and honed it and find it
energizing and a source of great happiness.

Please describe your creative process...
I struggle with actually putting pen to paper when it comes to my process.
Since it differs so much, I will give random facts and you can piece it
together for a process of sorts. I have a journal of lists. So many lists.
Ideas, tasks to be done. for life and art. And both. For tonight and this
weekend. I am neurotically methodical about some things and could not care
any less about others. i have learned to listen to my moods and therefore
know when I am in the mood to take photographs or write a blog or write an
Etsy listing or stand at my art table or sit down and putter with the sewing
machine. and I don’t force it anymore. I used to set a certain block of time
to make greeting cards. and if I wasn’t in the mood, it would be so hard!
Now, when I have my sassy molassy mood, I know I should be making my cheeky
cards or writing a cheeky blog post, not taking photos.

What artists influence your work?
I appreciate all historical art, but inspiration usually comes by way of
current artists. Mostly, kitchen table artists. And living room floor
artists. And converted basement corner artists. You know may be
you. You love making things so you find a place to make things. And the
stuff you make, I am continually amazed. Perusing Etsy always means
inspiration. Looking around too long means inspiration overload. There’s
some crazy inspiring people at kitchen tables right now making something
that will inspire me tomorrow.

Where else can we find your stuff and connect with you online?
I have my goods at various small galleries and shops in Nebraska. The best place to see
what is new and available is my blog. And either of my Etsy shops, moxie photo and design or moxie thrift. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.

Images copyright Moxie Photo and Design, 2009 -- thanks, Leah!


Two Dog Pond said...

Leah is amazing! Love everything she does - and her personal perspective on life? Quirkily Amazing

Sam said...

Very interesting interview Tina! I love the badges - very cute! P.S. I've given your gorgeous blog an award!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Thanks, ladies, she's one of my fave bloggy buddies for sure. :)

Thanks, Sam, you're a lovely blog buddy as well!! oxo

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