Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poll: Please Vote

You may have noticed I've made some changes to my blog this year, I've been working to keep it more organized. I've also been shooting to publish three posts per day. While I love doing the research and sharing all the good stuff I learn and find with you, I am wondering if some of it just goes by the wayside. My readership is up but my comments are down.

I follow a few blogs that post multiple times, in short blurbs, each day. I follow a larger number of blogs that post once per day. I follow a small number of blogs that post about once per week (some less than that). I enjoy the bloggers who post more than once in 24 hours but am I alone in that preference?

Please take a moment to give me *your* opinion by leaving a comment for this post. Let me know which features you enjoy the most and which don't float your boat. Then cast a vote in my poll (see right margin). The poll will be open until Wednesday, 4/8/09 at midnight.

Thanks, readers, I appreciate your feedback!

Rusty Pole (pun intended) by Tina - Pfeiffer Photos 2009


Carolyne said...

I'm new to this blog world, but I think yours looks great!

365 Letters said...

I just post once a day, a few times a week. I always intend to post more often, but other things take up my time. Plus, we have dial-up internet at home, so posting from there is tedious. I enjoy your blog, but I probably don't visit it more than once a day. I just log on, check a few blogs and then log off. I enjoy your photos and the music!

Audrey said...

You have a lovely blog! Really like the color.
The pic you used for the blog header is amazing! My favorite flower.

kim* said...

3 posts a day is alot unless people really keep coming back to see what you have to say then, no.

Frenzy23 said...

I don't know that three posts is too much, but I wouldn't expect to get as many comments on each that way. I try to limit myself to one to two posts a day. That way, I have a story for the next day and can keep consistent (instead of posting five stories one day then none for a week). Any more than three posts, I don't know if I would like, just because then when I look at the list of blogs I'm following its all posts from the same place.
This is the first time I've seen your blog (found your post on my thread that I started), so I can't speak for anything else. Looks interesting though, I like the colors :)
My comments have been way down too, but not necessarily my views. Not so sure why.

Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

I'd say just go with it. If you have more than one thing to post in a day, go for it. If you only have one somedays, that's fine too. Your comments are probably down because of how often you post, because most people just read the most recent one, instead of scrolling through the whole page.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Not quite sure how you can keep up with three a day. I have trouble doing three a week! I like to follow people on a daily basis, so once a day would be great!

Char said...

I read so many bloggers that it's difficult to keep up with more than one blog per person per day, so I prefer the one-a-day blogs since I don't like to neglect my blogroll. I also work hard to comment back everyone that comments me...

Pfeiffer Photos said...

WOW!! 14 posts to moderate this morning! Guess putting up a poll and asking for opinions equals more comments for sure, haha! Thank you to EVERYONE who left me comments about my question on multiple daily posts and voted in my poll.

The verdict? 88% said yes, 3 posts per day is too much. The reasons given are all valid and I agree. I'm cutting it down to 1 per day, folks, and I hope you still enjoy every time you visit. :)

Thanks again,

Pfeiffer Photos said...

JulieMagers: meant to leave you a message about your comment. I write up multiple posts at one time and then use the publish options and schedule in advance so they post on the dates and times I choose. It's a very nifty little tool! :-)

Michael Lockridge said...

I blog when I have something to blog, and I comment when I really have a comment.

Too many comments are just "I agree" or "that is cool" or similar responses.

I suppose some people need that kind of feedback, but it is not something I personally need and so not something that I give.

I placed you on my follow list because your site is interesting. It is a valuable addition to my life. That is why I selected it for following.

Keep blogging, and thanks for all of your efforts.


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