Monday, April 20, 2009

DIY Project: Recycled Circle Frames

Circularize your photos and show them off in a urban-chic constellation of modular cardboard rings.  Snappy-lookin’, expandable, and keeps your paper towel rolls out of the landfill. What’s not to like?

To make your own find step-by-step instructions HERE.


Lara said...

Those are sooooo awesome!!!! Thanks for the tip!

Melissa said...

That's a really neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

esque said...

Oh, I love this idea so much! I'll do this for my new apartment! Thanks for sharing!


tnomeralc web design toys said...

Nice DIY. Very nice. It will generally help us in our problem with garbage. :)
Thanks for the tips.

Tourmaline2777 said...

These look really cool!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

lara: Glad you enjoyed them--that Photojojo blog is terrific. :)

melissa: You're welcome, enjoy. :)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

esque: If you make them, post pics on your blog for us, please!

tnomeralc: Recycled crafts are always great, aren't they?

Pfeiffer Photos said...

tourmaline: Aren't they fun? Glad you enjoyed--happy crafting!

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