Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Series: Displaying Art and Photography - Ribbon Display

Prior to the end of the nineteenth century, pictures were often displayed on a strip of ribbon hung from a picture rail. This DIY project gives a modern twist to achieve the same effect.

Creating a changeable display
4 framed pictures 1 small empty frame 1 large empty frame 5 ft shaker tape or canvas webbing upholstery tacks drapery hooks measuring tape hammer picture nails

This project uses Shaker tape, a heavy-duty canvas strip used to weave chair seats. You can find Shaker tape at craft, sewing, and upholstery stores. Resist the temptation to use ribbon as Shaker tape is stronger, and you can pierce it without causing it to tear and fray. You can change this display frequently, without making new holes in your wall: just lift off the pictures and move the hooks. Hang one, a matching pair, or several side by side to fill up your space.

Choosing frames
Frames change the way pictures look: dark frames make them appear more vibrant, and metallic frames are reflective and draw attention to their edges. Create a floating effect by placing a larger empty frame around a small framed image instead of using a mat.

1. Calculate the length of the display by arranging photos or art on the tape and measuring. Add 1 foot, cut the tape to that length, and finish off the bottom with a V-cut.

2. To create a decorative hanger, loop the tape through the small empty frame, curling the cut end beneath the loop. Secure the tape to the frame with drapery tacks.

3. Lay the tape and pictures on a table and use a tape measure to help evenly space the frames. Attach drapery hooks to the tape at measured intervals.

4. Hang the tape on the wall and position the frames on the drapery hooks. If a picture leans forward, staple the frame to the tape from the back.

Photo credits: David Matheson for Pottery Barn.


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LOVE this idea! :)

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carolyn: Thanks--I think it's really kind of romantic. :)

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