Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recipe: Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita

Just finished up my term paper for Art History 206. One of these seems like it'd be pretty darn good right about now. Enjoy!

Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita


1 wedge Ruby Red grapefruit
Coarse kosher salt
6 ounces tequila
1/3 cup Ruby Red vodka
1/4 cup simple syrup
1 cup Ruby Red grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed or from a carton
1/4 freshly squeezed lime juice
4 cups ice cubes
2 crosswise slices Ruby Red grapefruit, cut into quarters


Use the wedge of grapefruit to rub the rims of 6 margarita glasses with grapefruit juice. Dip the rims in the kosher salt to coat. Set aside as you prepare the margaritas.

Place the tequila, vodka, simple syrup, grapefruit juice, lime juice and ice in a bar blender and puree until smooth. Divide the margarita between 6 glasses and garnish with the grapefruit quarters.



Anonymous said...

YUMMMMM! I'll be right over, LOL! I love grapefruit, what a good idea for a drink!

leah said...

it looks yummy. even at 6:52 it looks yummy. ok, right at the moment it looks yummy like fruit juice does at this hour, but about 2:00 when day light savings time hour thing makes me really tired?, yeah, this would finish me off. it'd be great.

Glitzer said...

The magarita sounds yummy! I love grapefruit! I baked a grapefruit blueberry yoghurt cake over the weekend! You can find it on my blog, absolutely fab recipe! Cheers to your completed paper!

Liz said...

This sounds fantastic!

Char said...

ohhhh, that sounds like heaven in a glass - I have to try that

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