Friday, March 20, 2009

Neat Things: Diane Camera

They are back! The Diana, considered a toy by some, and the simplest camera by art school students is making a comeback. Unsophisticated at best, the Diana has been out of production for over 25 years. Explore your inner “art school student” with a new Diana.

Originally produced by the Great Wall plastic factory in Hong Kong in the 1960's the Diana has become a cult classic, known for producing soft and dreamy images due to light leakage.

Once given away by Reader's Digest as a freebie, the Diana has been out of production for almost 35 years. A light, inexpensive medium (120 film) format camera, the 'new' Diana has 4 f-stops and comes with a booklet, camera strap and lens cover. An additional change is that the new Diana camera has a removable lens, allowing for pinhole camera action!

We have four cameras now...something tells me I need another!



The Stapelia Company said...

The Diana is a toy alright... a toy of wonderful goodness! I wish I had one so I could play with it... someday. It effortlessly achieved for $5 the warped perspective you now need Photoshop to recreate... how odd.

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