Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garden Inspiration: Garden Swings

Fletcher & Myburgh met in 1999 and soon shared a passion for art and nature and ultimately a vision to create functional metal work that people could interact with. Caroline's previous collection for Liberty, Steve's background in sculpture, and a Princes Trust loan heralded the start of Fletcher & Myburgh.

Lily Swing - copper & stainless steel

Six years on their working relationship has been instrumental in the conceptual and practical realisation of the company, with Stephen focusing on the design and production and Caroline active in the creative development direction.

Bubble Swing - stainless steel

While not juggling with engineering feats, drawing boards, sourcing antique metals and upping tools they live, work and create with their three children in Hampshire.

Ostara Swing - copper

Both artists have been led by their desire for a natural and organic lifestyle and by choosing precious recycled metals they have achieved just this. By drawing inspiration from the terrains in which they both grew up, South Africa and Surrey… rolling hills and curving lanes, heat and sunshine, the passion for form is evident. The result is chic pieces of copper and fire that work with all the elements, come rain or shine.

Moon Swing and copper screens - copper

So wishing I had a garden!



Char said...

wow - those are very fancy! love that

cottoncolors said...

These are stunning! I love the copper and also the bubble swing. So unique and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

those swings are so cool! I wish I had a garden too!


These are fantastic..whimsical finds!

The Stapelia Company said...

I want one of these! They're like something from a fantasy movie. Just curl up in there and read a book.

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