Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Series: Photo and art display - Hang it up, clip it on

To create unique snapshot galleries try these simple ideas. Use toggle hooks from a boat or hunt down a postcard rack (check retail fixture supply shops or vintage venues) to create a flexible photo display that's easy to update every day.

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Retractable clothesline--check your local hardware shop or find one online like this, this (in white), this (in chrome) or a vintage one like this. Want it even more inexpensive? Just hang string, twine or cord from screws, nails or pushpins.

Clothes pins--wood, plastic or metal, choose your favorite to fit your decor.

1. Choose your display space--a wall, a window frame, along the edge of a shelf, etc.

2. Install your clothesline or hang your string. If you can use nails on your chosen space they are the most sturdy option.

3. Hang your pictures using your clothes pins.

Note: Moisture, humidity and heat can all cause your photos to curl so keep your rotation of images fresh or consider printing on heavier photo paper or quality card stock. Color copies or lamination may work best for long-term displays.

This post is Part 2 in my new series about creative displays for photography & art. I am creating this series to share fresh ways to look at your fine art and fine art photography, how they can enhance your home (or office, etc), and to inspire you to seek out more. Please visit again for future posts with ideas, how-tos and plenty of photos to show you options beyond traditional framing methods that will add personality and fun in your space!

Photo credit (pics 2, 3 & 4) - David Matheson, copyright 2005.


leah said...

LOVE these! thank you for the inspiration. i am always looking for ways to show and tell.


Char said...

love the inspiration

Vintage Roadside said...

Great ideas! Love the postcard rack.

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