Friday, March 13, 2009

Artist Profile: Samantha Battersby of Matou en Peluche

Tell me a bit about yourself name, location, affiliations, personal stuff...
My name is Samantha Battersby. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and I still live in Sydney with my partner in crime, Chris. I studied secondary education at Sydney University but spent most of my time drawing for the student newspapers and designing posters for local bands! After university I worked part time as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for newspapers and magazines. I also exhibited my paintings and drawings in gallery shows around Sydney and country New South Wales. Now I have my own company and teach English in the city.


Apart from creating art, what do you do?
I teach English as a second language at a college in the city. In my free time when I’m not drawing I love going for long, long walks with my partner along the pretty coastal tracks around Sydney. The Blue Mountains, two hours west of Sydney, are another favourite walking destination for us.

Irene and her blue velvet coat

What first made you want to become an artist?
I think I was very small when I decided that I loved drawing and creating things. My Mum was a creator extraordinaire--I don’t even come close to her out put--so I guess it’s either in the genes or it was a monkey see monkey do type of thing! Decoupage, cartooning, painting and acting are also things I like to explore. Drawing is my favourite medium.


Please describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.
My idea of heaven is spending a day or days at home just drawing. I could happily become a drawing hermit! However, due to other commitments, I usually spend Saturdays and a few nights a week drawing. At the moment I am really enjoying using charcoal and pastels. I love the mixture of precision and smudginess you can get using them. The colours are amazing, and I have a huge collection of pastels that I add to every time I pass an art supply shop!

What artists have influenced you and inspire you to create?
Goya and Rubans are two of my favourites at the moment but there are so many more! I get inspired by anything actually. It could be a poster in the street I like the colours of or an interior in a design magazine or even somebody’s clothes--you name it and I’ll start thinking about a drawing I could create.

Gorgeous Gerty

Where else can people find your work?
I sell my work on Etsy under the name Matou en Peluche, on Made It, an Australian handmade site like Etsy but it's smaller, and I have a website where I sell my cards and posters.

Little Robin

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Artworks displayed in this post are the original designs and copyright of Samantha Battersby of Matou en Peluche.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Great interview. Love Sam's style and especially the little robin. Could you give me a tip or two on adding a link to your page?

Sam said...

Thank you for the feature Tina! I love your piece on Della Robia too - I saw a lot of his gorgeous work in Italy (Florence particularly) and the British Museum. I'm a big fan!

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