Friday, February 6, 2009

DIY Projects: Kitchen Art, Dresser

Last weekend I switched out the art in my kitchen. I've had this poster, Plaza after the Rain, hanging by my stove for almost six years. I was photographing all my projects from last term's drawing class when inspiration hit. Why not reuse the frame to display MY art in my kitchen?

before (Plaza after the Rain poster, 20" x 30" by Paul Cornoyer)

The after photo is one of my charcoal drawings sans frame. It's now hanging boldly, graphically, and proudly in my kitchen. There are other projects brewing for my kitchen so stay tuned for future improvements.

after (charcoal negative space drawing, 18"x24" by me)

Last weekend I also decided to do something about our bedroom. You might remember a few weeks back I shared a few photos of our home. The kitchen and bedroom pics were so cleverly titled as "snippets"...and with good reason. In six years we have still not settled on a decor plan for our bedroom, and, sadly, it has become both a catch-all room (read: boxes of stuff that need to go to the garage) and the bain of my decorating existence.

The storage (or rather the lack thereof) is far less than efficient. We paid a visit to what I consider a home furnishings nirvana land--Ikea. We selected the grand-daddy 8-drawer HEMNES dresser in the infamous brown-black color. We redeemed a gift card from Christmas.
The plan was in motion.

Carrying it home in our 2-door coupe (same car, different color) was exciting enough, and as you see, I promptly opened the packages and piled up the hardware. I actually like assembling things myself, especially since it saves us money. No, these aren't family heirloom pieces but life is short. I'm thankful for Ikea's marketing savvy as it allows us to change our look as we change our mind!

Of course, right after I unpack all the pieces and the packets of hardware, I get the smack down with this head cold. So my project sits waiting for me to return to the land of the living. Sometimes I just have to hit that pause button...*sigh*

Hope you all have a very relaxing weekend!


Cathe Holden said...

Darn head cold. I say "Tap-Out" and soup-up & curl up to old movies all weekend. I hope you feel better soon. The cabinet can wait.

Char said...

hope you feel better - but I love the artwork that you proudly display. I'm going to actually hang some of my shots in my new bedroom.

High Desert Diva said...

Yay for displaying your own artwork.
Your piece brings a nice visual punch to the space!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

cathe: Me, too! Soup and movies sounds good...had to go out to school today. Thankful for cold meds!

char: Go for it--hang 'em proud, and thanks for the compliment on mine. :)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

desert diva: Yes, it does...since the kitchen is black and white with red accents. We visited your area last summer and loved our trip!

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