Friday, January 30, 2009

Series: Blogging: The Low Cost, High Return Business Marketing Tool - Part 8: Businesses Perfect for Blogging

Any business that wants to increase their web traffic, improve their search engine rankings, build their prominence and reputation, influence customer choices and communicate more personally with customers is a candidate for blogging. A few examples of businesses that are considered perfect for business blogging:

Professionals – Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisers and Accountants.

Service Industries – Restaurants, Retail Stores, Wedding and Event Planners, Consultants, Mechanics, Salons and Spas.

Arts and Entertainment – Musicians, Artists, Photographers, DJ’s, Theaters and Movie and Stage Production Companies.

Tourism and Travel – Restaurants, Hotels, Tour Providers, Travel Agents, Cruise and Airline Companies.

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t 2 b, l 2 r: make a jazz noise here fine art photo, vincent teuliere, elizabeth luxe hair comb - lulu splendor, sunset sakura tunic - ahpeele, vintage upcycled red leather travel case - get ready, set, go!

The bottom line on blogs is simple--any business that would benefit from building their reputation and improving the trust of their clients and potential customers can benefit from blogging. The cost is low, the advantages are high, and the outcomes can be very rewarding for companies, the bloggers and their readers.

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This is the final segment of my blog marketing series. If you missed parts 1-7, please visit my archives to read the entire series.

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Char said...

good suggestions and a great series.

leah said...

great info, as usual! i am such a strong, strong believer in blogging! my husband is a financial advisor...i am trying to get him to start one. he is just a wealth of knowledge and for people like me that have no clue about that sort of stuff, he is excellent at breakin it down.
happy weekend to you!

Estela said...

haha I wish my doctors would blog!

kim* said...

i blog, hope everyone trusts me!

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