Thursday, January 1, 2009

Art Cards

In the summer before last, as in 2007, I discovered a quirky little website called I posted a handful of my ACEOs [aka Art Cards] for no charge, and not too long after, all but forgot about it.

Yesterday I received an email from PayPal informing me that I have sold not one, but TWO of those aforementioned ACEOs. Was I surprised? Yes, well, that is an understatement...especially since this was an endeavor I had not been keeping tabs on!

Fairy Series I, Harlequin Man (from Bohemian Souls Series) - mixed media collage ACEOs by Tina (aka me)

But maybe you're saying, "What are Art Cards?"

Just like sports fans collect baseball cards of their favorite players, art fans collect art cards of their favorite artists or artwork. An art card is a small pocket-sized piece of art. They are commonly know as ACEO (Art Cards, Editions & Originals) as well as ATC (Artist Trading Cards). ATCs are only traded between artists, ACEOs are purchased. They can be original artwork or prints/reproductions of original artwork, collage, photography, mixed media, etc. These cards are bought, sold and traded all over the world--and also very popular on Etsy! The official standard size of an art card is 2.5" x 3.5" (64 x 89 mm).

There are three main categories of art cards:

Open Edition - Prints/reproductions of artwork or photography that is printed in the standard card size. Open editions can be printed and reprinted depending on the demand for the card. There is no limit to how many will be printed. This can also be a mini-print of a larger original artwork.

Where's Alice? - mixed media ACEO from Art by Candace
Yellow Pansy Butterfly - screenprint ACEO by Checker Spot

Limited Edition - This type is also a print/reproduction, but there is a limit to how many cards will be ever printed/sold. These cards are more valuable then open edition cards, because there is only a limited amount of each card that is available in the world. Many times, limited edition cards will be numbered on the back of the card.

Madeline - original illustration ACEO by Matou en Peluche
Let There Be Lights - altered photo ACEO by Marisa Allegra Williams

Original Artwork - This card is a unique piece of artwork done by the artist. It can be painted or drawn, but it will be 100% original and only one card exists in the world. This type of card is the most valuable and usually (not always) carries a higher price point.

Pink Flowers Aqua Sky - photo ACEO by Stimples and Strummels
What's Behind - etching ACEO by Ingrid Art Studio

If you haven't tried making these mini art gems yet, give it a whirl. Whatever medium you dabble in, in any theme or design. Use that sheet of watercolor paper you've had lying around...or a page from that Bristol pad. Cardstock of any sort--smooth, textured, hot or cold pressed, it all works well. If you want your cards pre-cut and ready to play, search the SUPPLIES catagory on Etsy, keyword: ACEO blanks. I've also received great service and fun and creative art supplies for a number of years from Vickie at Bemuse!

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Art displayed in this post is copyright of the individuals the links to visit their Etsy shops and enjoy!


Leah said...

congrats on the sales! how exciting! its like finding money in an old purse...but better!

happy, happy new year dear blog and etsy friend. you have inspired me this past year and look forward to more inspiration in the new year.

PamperingBeki said...

congrats! Isn't that fun?!

JodisCraftEmporium and More said...

i love the butterfly print. that is really awesome

Sam said...

Thank you so much for choosing my ACEO to feature! I love your fingerprints Friday post - very special.

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