Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tagged by Kim

Well, I got tagged again...this time by Kim! It was only last week but I'm just now catching up with posting my seven random things so here goes.

Random Thing One:
Before I was into photography, I used to do collage. Before that, I was a rubber stamp artist. I read the magazines, went to conventions, shopped, swapped, joined online groups and yes, I made plenty of art with rubber stamps. For 15 years I shared this hobby with my Mom, who now houses almost all of the collection we amassed. We stopped counting how many we had when we passed the 20,000 mark...and that was only the wood-mounted stamps (we also had unmounted rubber stored in binders).

Random Thing Two:
One of my favorite things to eat is sour cream. Besides potatoes, I like it on all sorts of cooked veggies, in recipes and as a base for a fruit salad from my Mom's recipe--so good!

Random Thing Three:
I have yet to visit The Grand Canyon. This is one place I would like to see, and it is on my short list along with any other of the National Parks in the USA of places I would love to photograph.

Random Thing Four:
I enjoy short stories. I am amazed at the ability some writers possess to create a coheasive story with well-developed characters--start, middle and finish--in such a limited format. Only drawback is I always want the stories to keep on going...which rather misses the point.

Random Thing Five:
I used to write poetry. Mostly in my high school days and I kept it in albums. I wrote over 200 poems, sometimes two or three per day. I still have the albums in a box in my garage.

Random Thing Six:
I love Paris! The city, not the celebrity. From the time I was old enough to know where it was, I've harbored a desire to experience Paris and perhaps even live there for awhile. I am sure that I, like many, may over-romanticize it but I feel an affinity to The City of Lights--even more so since I've been studying Art History as my major in college.

Random Thing Seven:
I have a fear of deep water. For some it's spiders, others it's heights. For me, it's deep water. The ocean is inspiring and beautiful but I have no desire to be out on (or in) it. Give me a river, lake or pond anytime and as long as I can see land on at least one side of it, I am good to go.

So, there's my seven. Here are the folks I have chosen to tag to share their seven:

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Camera Buttons by Barrel of Monkeys
Simply Scrumptious Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Retro Art Chick
Angel's Landing fine art print by Lee Everett Robinson Photography
Plain Spoke, vol 1, no 1 by Life on Europa
Obsolete by The La La Theory
Burgandy Paris Blues beeswax collage from Jack & Cat Curio
Surf by Tina of Pfeiffer Photos

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SecretMe said...

great randomness! wow over 20,000 stamps thats crazy! Im so jelous! I love love love short stories - I read alot of Stephen Kings short stories and I think I liked them more than some of his novels (Stand by me featuring river pheonix and co was a short story by SK)


leah@moxiephotoanddesign.com said...

a woman of many talents! i love collage. and sour cream {and cream cheese}...i loved paris, but loved london more. you would be able to capture the grand canyon in such a beautiful way. get that done in 2009!

how is that book? 48 days to the work you love...is it yours? is it worth checkin out?

Char said...

:) A tag - there are some great bits of info there. I'll accept the tag though it may be after Christmas if that's ok?

that cake does look lucious!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

SecretMe: Oh, don't be jelous...it was A LOT of money and time that I enjoyed at the time but wish I had a chunk of that money back now. Hindsight... *sigh* Thanks for stopping by!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

leah: Yes, cream cheese is good stuff, too! Chris visited London in the early 90s and he wants to go back and add Ireland and Scotland to the trip next time. Grand Canyon is a must along with Yosemite...in '09 might be possible if we drive--road trip!

The Dan Miller book is very good. It's from the library and it's overdue (ahh!) but I will renew it and finish it. It's worth reading especially if you are not doing work you love. He talks a lot about determining your talents and what your calling in life is meant to be. Very biblically based as well but not in a preachy or unapproachable way. I'm enjoying it much. Check it out for sure.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Char: Thanks for the comment...post your tagged answers whenever you have time; no rush at all; just for fun!

Michael Lockridge said...

Uh, I write short stories.


They are very short. I enjoy writing them. Some people have enjoyed reading them.

I offer them to you.


kim* said...

thanks for a sharing...now i need to check out your veggie soup recipe.

vsmphotography said...

What a cool post... The Grand Canyon is a must especially with your creativity.. you'd have a ball...

fringe said...

you little whippersnapper :). i also accept your tag and will get to it when time permits.

i thoroughly enjoyed reading about your random bits. and i share your fear of deep water. a word of advice, don't ever watch the movie "open water"!


Cheryl said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for this tag. I just posted mine :) xx


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