Wednesday, October 22, 2008


One of the wonderful blogs I follow, Kala Pohl Studio, posted this YouTube video, recognized by the Cannes Film Festival 2008. Please be sure to have your speakers turned on and don't miss the English subtitles at the end--unless you speak or read Spanish.

For me, watching this short story put a host of issues going on in my world into a much more accurate perspective. With any issue there is always a way to find hope and joy. I hope you can all see the beauty of this day and of days to come!

"Thus (through perspective) every sort of confusion is revealed within us; and this is that weakness of the human mind on which the art of conjuring and of deceiving by light and shadow and other ingenious devices imposes, having an effect upon us like magic... And the arts of measuring and numbering and weighing come to the rescue of the human understanding--there is the beauty of them--and the apparent greater or less, or more or heavier, no longer have the mastery over us, but give way before calculation and measure and weight." ~Plato

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Walk in the Woods said...

Yeah ... I saw this on another blog today - it is just wonderful!


Pfeiffer Photos said...

walk in the woods: Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment for us! :0)

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